ATI Italy – Telesto X6.1 Two Way speaker system with Crossover


Two Way System: two Tweeters and two 165mm (6.5”) Telesto Mid/Basses + Crossover

25mm (1″) Silk Dome Neodymium Tweeter
165mm (6.5″) Telesto Larimar Crystallized Cone Mid/Bass with High-Tight Fiber Basket

Power Handling RMS/MAX: 70/140 Watts

Sensitivity (SPL@1W): 90dB

Frequency Response: 40Hz – 21Khz


Telesto is a moon of Saturn, but also the personification of the divine blessing or success. Nothing could identify better our top line! The smooth surface of this moon suggests that it is covered with a mantle of fine, dust-sized icy material, similar to the crystals of the cone.

Larimar is a variety of pectolite with a unique volcanic blue coloration, which is the result of copper substitution for calcium. Telesto cones have been manufactured with the typical pectolite, and they are grey because calcium is grey.