Abyss A160.2DM Class A amplifier


Technical specifications:
Output power Rating: 16W x 2CH
4 ohm at 14.4V(1% THD+N): 100W x 2CH
2 ohm at 14.4V(1% THD+N): 160W x 2CH
Operating Voltage (RMS MAX OUTPUT): 9-16V
Power Supply: PWM
Output power circuit configuration: CLASS-A
Main PCB Material: Glass Epoxy FR-4 / Gold Plated

Miscellaneous Specification:
Soft Start Sound: Yes
Frequency Response @-1dB (4ohm 10watt): 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Damping factor (4ohm/1%): >1000
S/N Ration(A-Weight / RMS Power): >100dB
THD(A-Weight) @35watt: 0.020%
Channel Separation: >80dB
Variable Input Gain Controll(1% THD+N): 1V~15V
Input Impedance: 20 kohm
LED(s): Power
Protection(Short, Thermal, DC Offset): Yes
Dimension: 367x246x72 m/m
Weight: 35.kg


New to the Abyss line up, The Dual Mono Class A is a work of art:
Fully Hand build in South Korea, this amplifier takes on the heritage od the legend from 90s

In 2013, Abyss was approached byt the Japanese with a design that was thought to be long gone. Intending to revive this design, Abyss took on the askt to build this amplifier and give it the Abyss tweaks:

What you have here is a work of art: An old school amplifier with a few modern upgrades:

Improved Fidelity, Headsings and connectors, the Dual Mono A still retrains parts of its old school feel that fanatics in the 90s craved.

Just like how V8s and V12s of today will never be able to replace the feel of a classic muscle car of the 80s and 90s, the Dual Mono A is a pure Classic